Visit San Sebastian Peninsula

Approximately 20km south east across the bay from Big Blue Vilankulo you will find San Sebastian Peninsula, or The Sanctuary.  This southernmost part of the Bazaruto Archipelago stretches over 30 000 ha of conserved land and ocean along a pristine Indian Ocean coastline and can by reached by boat or vehicle.

“The reserve incorporates a rich mosaic of wetlands, mangrove swamps, coral reefs, small islands, tidal mud flats, salt marshes, fresh water lakes, estuaries, and tree and shrub forests alongside coastal dunes, tree savannah and Miombo woodlands. It is an area where some of the richest biodiversity in Mozambique is found and ranks amongst the top biodiversity “hotspots” in Africa.”

– San Sebastian Coastal Reserve

Here at Big Blue Vilankulo we consider The Sanctuary one of the most beautiful estuaries and beaches in the world. The destination is excellent for the more adventurous free diver, explorer and fisherman.

All day-trips to this destination are tailor made and planned on request only.

San Sebastian Peninsula
Nature Sactuary
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